Share the Super Curly Love Kit

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No Poo Decadence 12 oz - Zero Lather Ultra Mositurizing Milk Cleanser

One Condition Decadence 12 oz - Ultra Moisturzing Milk Conditioner

Leave-In Decadence 3 oz - Ultra Moisturizing Leave-In Conditioner

Super Stretch 1.5oz - Coconut Curl Elongator

Our No-Poo Decadence and One Condition Decadence are specifically formulated to provide the ultra moisture that is ideal for super curly hair textures. If your curls need lighter moisture you can try No-Poo Original and One Condition Original. Super Stretch defines curls and can also be used to elongate curls without losing definition.

Traditional shampoo can be formulated with harsh ingredients such as sulfates that can strip your curls of the essential oils they need. Sulfates are also what provides traditional shampoo with lather. No-Poo Decadence is formulated specifically for super curly hair with good-for-you ingredients (and without those harsh ingredients) to keep your curls moisturized and healthy-looking. And since the formula is sulfate-free it’s non-lathering to offer you a new cleansing experience that’s gentler on curls.

Do you crave extra moisture on top of your moisture? We get it! This ultra-moisturizing conditioner drenches your curls for the softness they crave. The rich, nourishing formula with chufa milk and quinoa protein also helps control frizz, and helps strengthen hair and reduce breakage when used with No-Poo Decadence®.* *vs. untreated hair in a lab test.

Sometimes you just need more… conditioning! This quick-absorbing, leave-in conditioner quenches thirsty curls without heaviness leaving them touchable, defined, and decadent. The lush formula with pequi oil and chufa milk also helps strengthen hair and reduce breakage when you use it with No-Poo and One Condition Decadence®.* *vs. untreated hair in a lab test

Key Ingredients: 

Chufa Milk, Quinoa Protein, Pequi Oil, and Coconut Oil